Traditional Ceremonial Kinnick Kinnick 4 oz Pkg

Traditional Ceremonial Kinnick Kinnick 4 oz Pkg
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Our traditional blend of kinnick kinnick is made in house and in the same manner in which it has been made for centuries. It is a blend of natural herbs used in a variety of ceremonies. We sell our Kinnick Kinnick without commercial tobacco. A problem with most kinnick kinnick mixtures is the herbs are very dry and the coarse texture makes for a loose pack in a pipe causing the burn to extinguish (which is looked upon in ceremony as bad thing) By putting a pinch of regular tobacco into the Kinnick kinnick mix it will burn better! Just a tip! Aho! Kinnick kinnick is expensive! Because it is a very tedious and time consuming task. Many of its ingredients are ground and processed by hand. We gather our own herbs when we can and buy or trade from other Indians across the U.S. and Canada

4 oz Package

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