Native American Church Ceremonial Tobacco 4 oz Pkg

Native American Church Ceremonial Tobacco 4 oz Pkg
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We have kept the price down as long as we could. The price of tobacco and other herbs and botanics continue to rise to the point we have to increase the price the first time in 8 years!

This is a tradtional blend made exclusively for N.A.C official "Roadmen" and NAC members. This blend is made in house. It is a blend of tobacco and natural herbs and is used during Peyote and Tipi meeting ceremonies. 

Some of our relatives have shared other NAC tobacco blends with us. We are working on the them and they will be available very soon!

Many of the ingredients in this blend are ground and processed by hand. We gather our own herbs when we can and buy or trade from other Indians across the U.S. and Canada

4 oz Package

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